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Curiosity plays a vital role in making art

Alagria-5Curiosity is vitally important. You can’t make art without being curious. Become interested. Get motivated. Ask questions. Go online. Read about artists you’ve heard about. It’s impossible to be creative without it. You have to want to turn the page to see what’s next. Do the research you have to do to discover the type of art you want to make. Curiosity and the creative life go hand in hand. If you get stuck somehow, and you feel a lack of curiosity about the world, you have to stop and ask yourself why. Find your own reasons why. My reasons won’t be yours. The great thing about curiosity is that it’s a renewable resource. You can always learn, implement, and build on your curiosity. One topic, one artist, one obsession leads to another. If you explore, read, discover, and are still stuck, then talk to someone. Ideas come from trying new things. Get a cheap camera and mess around with it. It’ll show you the world from a different perspective. Learn about the artists who came before, and stay current with artists living in the world now. Read the stories of different artists and see who resonates with you. Decide who you want to be influenced by, or who just doesn’t do it for you. There’s a whole history of people who made art to be explored. You have to be curious. About art, life, people. There’s just no way around it.

Being an artist in the digital age

"Cogitate #31" by John Andro AvendañoThe online and mobile direction the world has gone in has helped artists. It gives artists an immediate way to get their work in front of people. Artists now know they can be seen, be heard, and get comments in a way they never could before. It can be a great encouragement, but you have to have faith in yourself, and be willing to put yourself out there. Since anyone can say anything they want to online, it helps you to develop your core sensibilities. And a thicker skin when it comes to criticism. Maybe a comment will help you figure out what you’re trying to do, or it might have the opposite effect. Either way, you’re no longer working in a vacuum. As an artist, you must develop a clear and strong sense of self. You have to figure out your own direction, and find a rudder to steer yourself with. Because ultimately, you want to go in the direction you want to, and be less influenced by outside forces. It’s a learning process to stay true to your own vision. A great many people don’t put their work out there, for any number of reasons. Eventually, they have to, if they want to know who they are and what they can do as an artist. Once you reach a certain level, it helps rather than hurts to put yourself out to as a wide an audience as possible. Get your work out there. Share it. Ask for questions or comments. This is one of the major ways the digital revolution has helped artists. And if there’s an artist out there who feels like they can be helped by you, help them. Tell them what you’ve learned, or find someone who works closer to what they are making and connect the two of them. If possible, always help other people who are struggling.