Commissioned Art


“Alegria” (Seven Dancing Figures)

Commissioned public sculpture at the San Fernando Metrolink Station
Sylmar, California
1993 – present

“Alegria” consists of seven dancing figures made of plate painted steel. We took flat steel, and with the help of foundry workers, formed the steel into a curved shape, outlined the design in chalk then pinged indentations to form an outline before the steel cutting machine was used. The area of the sculpture location is known for its neighborhood gangs; however, the sculpture is still in place today and has never been tagged with graffiti. Press here to see images.



“Three Dancing Figures”

Commissioned public sculpture for the City of Los Angeles and
the San Fernando Economic Development Center, Inc. Irwin Street Mall
Van Nuys, California
1991 – present

The art piece consists of three dancing figures constructed out of plate painted steel. The size of the sculpture is twelve feet tall and eight feet wide. The steel used was one inch thick. I worked with a team in developing the design and construction of this project. The sculpture is still in place today and can be seen from City Hall, the Police Department and the Post Office. Press here to see images.