Artist Statement

I am an artist because I’m compelled to express my inner truths and share these expressions in creative ways. I paint to bring out an emotion that’s ever changing, and the process is complete when viewers connect to my artwork. Art is about sharing, about bringing people closer to “something” just out of reach, like a song half remembered, or an image that might have come to them in a dream. Everyone’s “something” is open to personal interpretation and changes over time.

“I constantly challenge myself to creatively express using different media, and I strive to awaken memories and unconscious emotions within the viewer.”

Artistic expression comes from our life experiences and increases as we grow. For me, expression comes in multiple forms and reflects the fullness of my life. Inspiration happens in the moment, and evolves over time. I receive inspiration and ideas from the many places I visit and the people I meet. I’m drawn to places in the world where I can completely focus and receive inspiration. My work reflects a mixture of current moments of what I’m seeing and experiencing, and then combines with expressions that come from within and from what I’ve seen and felt.

Every piece begins in a different way, and when I don’t have a preconceived idea prior to beginning an artwork, my initial brushstrokes are free flowing expressions coming from the unconscious. Once a concept begins appearing, I fill in the canvas with color, shapes, and material – consisting of various types of paper and fabric. As the work progresses I continue adding more color and shapes to fine-tune the work. In the same way life has multiple views and perspectives, my expressions are free flowing and constantly changing.

My ultimate goal is to create engaging and memorable art that awakens the viewers’ inner emotion, is endlessly absorbing, and promotes meaningful dialogue that continues through time. If a viewer feels an emotion brought on by responding to an artwork I created, then I’ve succeeded.

~ John Andro Avendaño