Move toward clarity and away from interruptions

AVENDANO-LLC-studio-3I do some of my best work at night because there are fewer interruptions. I can focus
better. There’s a stillness in nature at night. The neighbors are asleep. I’ll put on some of my favorite music, smoke a cigar, and contemplate the painting I have in front of me. Interruptions are the thing that destroys the rhythm in a painting. It takes a lot of fortitude to get through the interruption and back to the rhythm of the work. Once you learn how to do that, you’ll find it gets easier each time. Being able to find your way back to a state of mind is essential. There are other times I can paint while someone is talking to me, but that’s a whole different type of concentration than what the solitude of night offers. I’m a visual person, so everything around me can become a distraction. The darkness of night just crystallizes my vision. It makes what I’m working on clearer and simpler. Edges become smoother, and there’s no weird refracted lighting coming in the window. There are no distracting shadows on the canvas. The studio becomes a place where I can follow a particular vision where it leads me. Without distractions, creating is a simpler, more straightforward process. It’s a true pleasure to be able to create late at night.

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