Always find better ideas as you go along

"Colorful Woman" by John Andro AvendañoWhen I travel, I’ll meet people I’d never meet otherwise. Sometimes these connections will help ideas and images to come together. But what I create while traveling is usually very different from when I’m in my studio at home. While traveling, there are two types of art I work on. One is a historical scene of a landscape I see, or I could be sitting in a café and drawing or painting a street scene. These are historical, factual type of pieces. It’s just one aspect of what I do. Back in my studio, I return to my habit of starting with an idea. Then, the original idea gets dropped when I get deeper into the work and find better ones. Travel is good, but honestly, I’d rather just be in my studio working. If I could fold space, I’d be happy. It would be fun to just jump from one side of the planet to another. I’m the type of person that gets energy from working in solitude, and sometimes it takes a lot out of me to leave my sanctuary and get out and travel. But I found out that connecting is a part of the process. You’ll find out how other people react to your work, and see new things that will feed back into the creations you make.

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