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John Andro Avendaño was born in Arleta, California in 1959. He was born into an artistic family and has been a focused artist throughout his lifetime.

John Andro was first trained as a young artist by Hal Reed, Walt Disney’s protege. He then moved on to a trailer in a small artist community in the hills of Tujunga where he lived a devoted and reclusive life. There he moved his gift of expression forward with showings in galleries and winning multiple art competitions. He has been awarded multiple commissions including “Alegria”, a sculpture adjacent to the federal building in Los Angeles, and “The Dance” (aka “Three Dancing Figures”) located at the San Fernando train station. He also has been commissioned by many private collectors. For a decade, John worked covertly while raising his daughter. In 2007, John returned to his public artistic life.

Expression comes from living a full life. Expression comes in multiple forms for this artist and is the residue of his full life; this is evidenced by his thirty foot stainless steel sculptures, to large oil paintings, to small hand drawings, or sculptures from found objects. Expression moves first and picks the medium.

– See more at: http://johnandroavendano.com/dev/about#sthash.ap5epQNy.dpuf